Anthony Hunt aka “5oz.”

Hometown: Laurel, DE
Age: 35
Birthday: July 1, 1976
Occupation: Private Chef/Pastry/Baker Restaurant Consultant
Angling Hero: Grandmother and Bernice They introduced me to fishing.
Tournament Trails: F.L.W./ Bass
Fishing Clubs: L.W.B. Bass Masters
Home Lake: The Big O
Favorite Lake: Anywhere there are fish.
Least Favorite Lake: Anywhere there are not Bass.
Favorite Technique: Casting Blades and Flipping. Drop shot, C-Rig- Top water, dragging a worm. Stroking a Jig I’ll stop there for now!!
Primary Fishing Strength: Mental Focus/Finding Fish/ Decoding Bass patterns
Secondary Fishing Strength: Talking in front of crowds.
Biggest Weakness: Not fishing enough!
Boat: 21’ Triton
Motor: 225 Mercury
Tow Vehicle: Ford 4wd SUV
Fishing Sponsors: Rod Glove - Advantage Bait - Bass Pro Sites - Looxcie – JJ’s magic - Pitch and Strike Clothing - Simmz Baits - Power Pole
Favorite Food: Fresh Pasta and Jerk Chicken Homemade Apple pie and Ice Cream.
Favorite Movie: Friday
Non-Angling Hero: Clara Hunt (Mom)
Why I Fish: Because my momma told me I had too!