Michael Sopocy

Hometown: Evanston, IL
Age: 32
Birthday: September 2nd
Occupation: Assistant Club Director/Co-Owner at Energy Volleyball Club (Niles, IL) - www.EnergyVBC.com
Angling Hero: Roland Martin - I still have the "Fishing Canada" VHS tape that I always watched as a kid and helped escalade my desire to fish at every free moment.
Tournament Trails: Bassmasters (Opens), FLW (RAYOVAC, BFL), American Bass Anglers (Weekend Series)
Home Lake: Lake Michigan
Favorite Lake: Lake Erie
Favorite Technique: Frogging (Nothing is more exciting than Topwater!)
Primary Fishing Strength: Swimming Jigs, Texas Rigged Plastics, Chatterbait
Secondary Fishing Strength: Spinnerbaits, Crankbaits, Drop Shot
Biggest Weakness: Pitching and Fishing Deep (20ft plus) - Carolina Rig, Jigging Spoons
Boat: 2015 Nitro Z-8
Motor: Mercury Pro XS 250
Tow Vehicle: Nissan Xterra
Fishing Sponsors: Energy VBC, Nitro Boats, Mercury Motors, Bass Pro Shops, Fishin' 4 Miles, Fish Tech, Jimmy T's Guide Service, Pro-Energy Sport Towels
Favorite Food: Sushi or Steak w/ Potatoes
Favorite Movie: The Dark Knight, The Hangover, Kick-Ass, Zombieland, Space Jam, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Non-Angling Hero: The Greatest Basketball Player of All-Time Michael Jordan, The Greatest Coach of All-Time Phil Jackson, #51 Pat Fitzgerald, and My Parents (Kay and Dale)
When Not Fishing: I am usually found on the Volleyball Court, experiencing what the Greatest City in the World "CHICAGO" has to offer (Concerts, Festivals, Da Bulls, Blackhawks, Etc.) or Traveling - Especially VEGAS!
Why I Fish: I love the Thrill of Competition and the Sport of Fishing offers an infinite amount of variables making the sport the Most Challenging. Feeling the adrenaline go thru your body when a big bass has challenged you one-on-one is also hard the beat! BassFan puts everything into perspective in one of their articles: Top 10 Reasons Why Bass Fishing Is Tougher Than Other Sports Opponent is a different species (think about it) Size of playing field (20,000 acres anyone)? Weather (if the postman is out, so are bass anglers) Endurance (day after day in boiling sun, cold, rain, whatever) Financial requirement (at least five figures required to compete) Length of competition (at least 52 hours per event) Travel (weeks or months on the road, all driving) Time away from home (weeks or months) Hand-eye coordination (you can throw a baseball, but can you cast a 1/4-ounce lure 40 feet to a target the size of your hand?) Getting shot at (believe it or not, it happens — can you imagine that at the Superdome?) Favorite Quote: "You can Fail at what you don't want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you Love" *Jim Carrey*