"I love your spinnerbaits. They run true in the water and give off a lot of flash! I have caught a lot of fish with them. Just wanted to say you guys do a awsome job."

   – Mikey Arnold (Zephyrhills, FL)

"I got 2nd place in my club tournament, all my fish came off the spinnerbaits I got from you! It was a perfect day for throwing a spinnerbait and they were crushing it."

   – Houston Dixon (Camden, AR)

"Just an update for you...I finished in 1st place yesterday and the two biggest fish came off a spinnerbait that had your blades I just ordered. They give off a TON of flash and run true... overall I was very impressed and pleased with your product, and look forward to giving you more of my business next season."

   – Justin Brigham (Hebron, NH)

About three years ago I bought a couple spinnerbaits from you at the outdoor show in Rosemont. One 3/8 bluegill one 3/8 chartreuse n white with tandem chartreuse blades!!!! Now I don't know what you infused into the chartreuse one but I can't keep the fish OFF of that one!!!!! I easily caught over forty fish with that ONE spinner bait.....I finally lost her yesterday :^( I just ordered two more from you last night. What ever magic you sprinkled on the last one I hope you do the same with the next!!!! Oh and the other thing I wanted to tell you is how bizarre it is that I catch fish with that bait where I'm not supposed to!!!! My buddy's are always fishing dark colors to fish stained and muddy water....I use that chartreuse n white and slay'em every time!!!!! If I had the money I'd buy 100 of'em lol!!!! Anyway, just wanted to let you know how happy I've been!!!! Awesome product!!!!

   – Tony M

I caught 41 bass on one Advantage Spinnerbait!!! That's one day of fishing the same spinnerbait! Talk about productivity and durability, this bait has it all!

I just cannot stress to you enough about how impressed I am with Advantage Baits. I had SO MUCH FUN yesterday! What really put the icing on the cake was when those two guys watched me catch 5 right in front of them on a stretch they had just fished without getting a bite. They were using (competitor’s brand name in similar pattern) spinnnerbaits. They just couldn't believe it! The whole day yesterday was just surreal. Anytime you hit the water with a new lure, you always have hopes and daydreams about all the fish it will catch. Yesterday was no daydream!!! There is no doubt Advantage Bait Company will put some serious weight on the scales…with days like yesterday, it won't be long before everyone from the Elite Series Pros down to the weekend anglers knows about Advantage Bait Company!

   – Chris Mitchum

Man I just want to let you know I finally got to use the bait today I never put it down and I smoked them. And to make me a true believer my wife was throwing a (competitors brand spinnerbait) same color same every thing but she never put a fish in the boat. I will have me a few more of these and will let some guys know about them this weekend, I have a benefit tourny, and will show them and let them know about you. Also it was fairly windy today and the wind would blow some of my cast it scattered bushes I got hung on laydown logs and threw it up against a few rock the eyes are still intact the paint is still in good shape and I never had to retune the bait it ran true all day through what I put it through and most spinnerbaits dont last me half a day and this one held true 8 hrs today and will go a lot more to come. Thanks once again for the bait and I will get with you again on my next outing, and about buying me a couple more of those baits to put in my arsenal. Thanks once again!!!

   - Christopher H.

I really like your baits, they run true, they have some nice thump in the water. The fish seem to inhale them! Second 2lb bass caught on Bluegill spinnerbait private pond in Schaumburg. Was fishing with two other friends, they were using rattle traps and jigs but didn't catch anything in 2 hours of fishing. I caught a total of 6 bass. I am interested in trying some other colors.

   - Jason Sharp

"Your spinnerbaits were fantastic up in Door County (Green Bay), WI for big smallmouth. I never said anything to my partners and they were beside themselves as to why I was spanking them with your spinnerbaits. I see you have developed a few new wrinkles with the baits/skirts. I will need to place an order soon. Keep up the great work and best of luck."

   - John Papa


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