The story of the Blade

Flash Back

“I was playing around with some materials and found one that I thought would be awesome for blade baits. I had no tools at that time but I built one and laser cut it down to a few different sizes and the result was awesome. It was ten years or so ago when I started and with a few casts, the blades gave off a ton of flash due to the design and the idea hit me to do something and sell baits.”

Jason Schwartz
Advantage Bait Company Owner

Welcome to EFT Technology

Extreme Flash Technology (EFT) is a unique patented process that makes the Advantage Blade outshine the competition. It is a revolutionary process whereby the blade surface is etched in a precise pattern causing small grooves in the surface. Theses tiny peaks and valleys cause light to disburse in multiple directions along its length, thus making our blade one of the most reflective and flashiest on the market.

The blades are machine etched on both sides, and the peaks and valleys created throw off a substantial amount of light. On generic blades, when light hits, it throws off a hot spot. On the advantage blades, the light hits all the nooks and crannies and creates a glow to the blade, and a larger silhouette which can be seen from a further distance. With light being casted in all directions, regardless of the position of the blade, the Advantage blades gather more ambient light under low light conditions.

EFT creates a 3D holographic pattern of light which calls bass and other game fish from greater distances, giving you a better chance of hitting the fish’s strike zone. EFT quite simply gives you the confidence to become a more successful angler and that's THE ADVANTAGE!